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Tribella Treatments

Tribella Treatments

If you’re ready to face the world with greater confidence, Tribella 3-in-1 aesthetic treatment can give you excellent results.

This revolutionary treatment is able to reverse certain signs of aging while resurfacing your skin to help you achieve a better appearance.

Tribella includes three revolutionary treatments for your skin; IPL Photorejuvenation, Anti-aging and Skin Resurfacing all in one single package and with the same technology.  The only difference is that 3 different applicators are used for each treatment.

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Our Venus Versa Tribella Technology

The TriBella equipment that we use is from Venus Versa, technologically advanced and provides a three-in-one treatment system. You can experience the benefits of having a photofacial, an anti-aging treatment and a skin resurfacing session all at once. The equipment that we use produces energy that enhances skin tone and texture while improving the skin’s elasticity.

Tribella Benefits

Tribella Treatment FAQs

Q: Does this treatment involve any injections or incisions? 
A: This treatment uses energy instead of needles or scalpels and is completely noninvasive, which means that you won’t have to receive injections or undergo surgery. 
Q: What are some of the other skin problems that this treatment can address? 
A: The treatment that we provide often works well in reducing fine lines, enlarged pores and skin texture unevenness. Many people who suffer from rosacea or have noticeable scars can also have these problems reduced or eliminated through treatment. 
Q: What will you do to keep me comfortable throughout my treatment? 
A: To keep you as comfortable as possible, we’ll use a cooling system that’s built into our technology to keep your skin from overheating from the energy that’s used. Our staff will also listen closely to any feedback that you wish to share so that we can make any necessary adjustments to ensure your continued comfort. 

 TriBella can work wonders for your skin and give you the appearance that you’ll be proud to look at in the mirror. To learn more about the benefits of this treatment and schedule an appointment, please contact our Skin Renewal Med Spa & Laser Clinic in Calgary today. 

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