Pigment Correction Therapy

Empower your skin at the cellular level. This treatment is specifically designed to correct the signs of pigmentation and even the skin tone. During the pigment correction treatment, our exclusive curative Xcellaris Pro High Light Serum is superficially infused by the eDermastamp in order to target the hyperactive melanocytes that cause hyperpigmentation.

This exclusive pigment correction treatment is safe for all skin types. Contact us today to learn more or call (403) 238-9488 to book now.


In – clinic – Once a week, for seven consecutive weeks

At home: Bright Skin Lotion – Daily


Reduce Pigmentation

Reduce Melasma

Quick treatment time

No downtime

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the specific skin problems that can be treated with a Pigment Correction Therapy?

This therapy corrects hyper-pigmentation, regulates melanogenesis, smoothes skin complexion, evens the skin tone, improves cell turnover and reduces wrinkles and pore size.

Can a Pigment Correction Therapy help even out my skin tone?

Yes, this treatment reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation and evens the skin tone.

Our Skin Renewal Med Spa team members always strive to give everyone in Calgary the best Pigment Correction Therapy available.

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