IV Immune System Boost

IV Immune System Boost

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, IV immune system boost therapy may be the right choice for you. By simply getting a supply of essential vitamins and other nutrients intravenously, you can experience many terrific benefits. We offer this therapy to people from different walks of life who visit our facility in Calgary, AB.

The Treatment Process

When you come to us for IV therapy, you’ll receive a multivitamin formula through a needle that’s inserted into an arm. Once the needle is in, you likely won’t feel it and can sit back and relax while the formula does its job. This formula usually contains C and B complex vitamins, which work well in fighting off germs and viruses that can cause illnesses. Your IV therapy formula may also contain zinc, selenium and sodium bicarbonate for additional health benefits.  
Please contact our medical spa in Calgary today to learn more about the benefits of IV immune system boost therapy and schedule an appointment. 


  • Can prevent illness
  • Aids in faster recovery
  • Boosts energy