Eye & Brow Rejuvenation

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Eye & Brow Rejuvenation Treatments

Eye and Brow Rejuvenation

Eye and brow rejuvenation can improve your appearance in many ways. This treatment is often effective in correcting droopiness around the eyes and brows that often results from aging. If you’re interested in receiving one of these treatments, our staff at our Skin Renewal Med Spa and Laser Clinic in Calgary can provide the world-class care that will hopefully leave you feeling satisfied.  Call (403) 238-9488 now for a free assessment.

Treatment Options

If you want eye rejuvenation, you can receive an injectable filler such as Juvéderm to fill in areas around the eyes that often appear sunken or hollow with age.   We can also use our Diamond Polar Radio-frequency technology to improve the look and feel of the skin under the eyes for a younger more radiant look.

  • Botox
  • Diamond Polar (RF)


Eye & Brow Rejuvenation FAQs

Q: How long is the recovery period? 
A: If you receive botox, you can usually resume normal activities immediately following treatment. 
Q: How old should I be before undergoing any of these treatments? 
A: Our staff will let you know if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment based on your specific age.  Injectable fillers are usually safe for people in their 20s or up. 
Eye and brow rejuvenation can work wonders for many types of people.

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