Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

If you’d like to improve the way that you eat, clinical nutrition counselling can help. Whether you want to lose weight or just incorporate more healthy foods into your diet, our staff at Skin Renewal Medical Spa and Laser Clinic in Calgary can work with you to create the personalized plan that’s right for you.

How the Treatment Works

You’ll meet with one of our staff members to discuss your current eating habits and the goals that you’d like to achieve through better nutrition. We’ll then help you devise meal plans and assist you with establishing better eating habits that will help you live a healthier life. In addition to losing weight, our counselling is often effective in helping people increase their energy, relieve digestive issues, and decrease mood swings and irritability.

Our staff in Calgary is ready to welcome you and will help you start your clinical nutrition journey the right way. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation.


Tasty foods can still be enjoyed

Specific health concerns can be addressed

A nonjudgement approach