About us

Welcome to
Skin Renewal MedSpa
We're a team of experienced Medical Professionals bringing our common passion together. We understand that everyone's skin is different and we truly love educating our clients.
Our promise to all of our clients is excellence. That means excellence in both the services we offer and the staff who perform them. We are committed to helping our clients look and feel their best.
Our philosophy is to combine science with beauty to provide the most up to date treatments that work. At Skin Renewal, we don't believe that one treatment fits all -that's why each individual treatment is bespoke to you. At the core of every service is a personalised consultation with your clinician to ensure the results perfectly tailored to you. Together we
create a personalised treatment plan for maximum results.
B.S.N; Aesthetic Nurse
Almira Divina
Almira’s success is all due to her strong work ethic. She is focused and self-motivated while at the same time always putting clients first. She has invested in the best equipment for the Clinic in order to provide the best quality treatments for her clients. Her great passion is ensuring each and every person that comes to her clinic look and feel their best.
B.Sc. (Hons), ND
Dr. Thuy Nguyen
Dr. “T” as she is affectionately called, is our licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Doctor. She provides care using naturopathic modalities such as intravenous therapy, intramuscular injection, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, exercise prescription and minor surgery. Her entire philosophy revolves around principles of healing from the inside out. She is an essential part of the Skin Renewal team.
RN Cosmetic Injector
Alice Tran
Alice is a level 2 Nurse Injector. She was trained at Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics in Vancouver. Her knowledge in facial anatomy and experience as a professional make up artist gives her a keen eye on enhancement of facial features. She is passionate about helping her clients bring out their natural features so they can look and feel their best.
Medical Aesthetician
Useway Long
Useway specializes in performing our Signature Facials and other skin laser treatments. Her passion being able to transform your skin into the best it can look and feel. She can advise how to build and maintain your skin care routine.