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We offer the safest and most affordable skin care treatment for all ages. Contact us to book an appointment for comprehensive skin consultation.

3-in-1 therapy. Better results. It is safe for all skin types and can treat sensitive skin without any irritation.

• Plump and hydrate
• Restore skin volume
• Renew youthful glow
• Reduce appearance of wrinkles
• Improve skin cell production
• Reduce appearance of pigmentation
• Revitalize dull complexion

The most effective way to stimulate or induce new skin safely and effectively is by microneedling with EDermaStamp. Each puncture creates a micro channel that triggers the body to fill these microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. The procedure can visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, promote skin repairs, skin tightening and helps skin texture improvement.

Chemical Peel
A chemical peel is a treatment used to improved skin texture and tone. An acid is applied to skin to lower the PH, which loosens the connections between dead skin cells, inducing exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth. This process causes superficial layers of dead skin to peel off, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion.

What can I expect after a chemical peel?

The skin is initially tender and more sun-sensitive as the epidermis renews itself. After the peeling takes its course (usually 3-5 days after the treatment), fresh new skin emerges and ingredients in home care products start to work more effectively.

Deep Moisture Medi Facial
It is an intensive hydrating and antioxidant option that nourishes your skin with soothing and moisture-binding ingredients resulting in plump, soft skin and a dewy complexion. It is ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Enzyme Retexturing Medi Facial

It is highly effective yet gentle resurfacing solution that encourages cell turnover and promotes skin renewal. The result is an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation while soothing the skin and maintaining hydration.

Refining Clay Mask Medi Facial
A soothing and decongesting facial mask ideal for normal to oily skin types. It contains calming and soothing ingredients that draw out oil, dirt and toxins and stimulate cell renewal for clearer and radiant complexion.

Luxurious Medi Facial
It is an exclusive experience that pairs relaxation with high-performing active ingredients to address your skin concerns. We customize the treatment, which will leave you looking incredibly radiant and feeling refreshed and balanced.

Skin Growth/Tag Removal
What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are soft, jiggly, fleshy bits of skin or bumps that can vary in size. Although most begin as very tiny spots, some will continue to grow and can become as large as a grape. Skin tags can appear on any part of the body but are most commonly found on the neck, eyelids and face. Most often they are flesh colored but can also be slightly brown.

How to remove them? – Advanced Electrolysis /Cauterization

While freezing is often successful, it can be quite costly with no guarantee that the skin tags will not return. Many people have found that using an electrolysis needle to cauterize the tags is much more effective.

This procedure causes minimal discomfort so most skin tags can be removed without using anesthesia. However, a topical anesthetic maybe applied . Although temporary discolouration may occur, there is no scarring with cauterization.

Most skin growths are easily removed in one session, but a complimentary follow up appointment is provided to touch up areas that need extra treatment.

Led Anti-Aging Therapy
Lightwave Rejuvenation can revitalize your skin without any downtime or discomfort. This innovative aesthetic treatment helps counteract years of sun damage, aging, acne and acne scarring and environmental damage. All treatments are between 15-30 minutes in duration.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation
IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is a procedure in which intense pulses of light are used to penetrate deep into the skin tissue to stimulate the cells beneath the skin’s surface. It then causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness, can help with acne, improves skin texture, reducing pore size and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

Most patients experience little or no pain during the procedure due to the cooling system. The light pulses feel similar to a light “snap” from a rubber band.

Laser Hair Removal
Say goodbye to unwanted hair! This procedure gently removes hair by destroying the targeted hair follicle thus achieving permanent hair reduction after a series of treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

Due to the different cycles, 6-8 treatments are recommended on average, spaced out according to the growth cycle.

Slimming/Lifting Treatments
This is a non—surgical method for body contouring that uses Radio Frequency With the RF contouring technology to treat multiple areas including the abdomen, love handles,thighs and upper arms. It is a safe effective treatment and no down—time.

Botox & Injectables
We have a Doctor on site for Fillers & Botox.
**By appointment only.**

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